New Service Available ! Complete Business Consultation and Creation

We are proud to offer a new business solution: “Complete Business Consultation and Creation”.

“It all starts with an idea” Your Idea! Once you have that the hard work for you is over. We can be as minimal or as extensive as you need us to be. Together we will work out the details of your business model, we personally handle ALL of the paper work required when starting a legal business in the United States including; EIN (employer identification number) from the IRS, State Issued sales tax permits (if required by your state), Any and All Other Required legal documents State Issued and Federal Issued (liquor, tobacco, board approval for incorporations, certificate of incorporation, employee w-2, w-4, i9 or 1099 private contractor, Depending on your personal variables, there are a number of more documents required)
This is why we are here to guide you through this sea of legal jargon and lawyers!
If Your starting an online store, we will set up your; Wholesale suppliers, Business Branding, Favicon, invoice application, shipping routes.
We can create All website content Custom for your business (ie; blog posts no less than 2 starter pages(one “about us” page and one ”homepage index landing page”) and 5 content articles topic of your choice, if we are developing e-commerce store: product pictures, product descriptions, payment gateways and payment providers) Logo and Slogan design (if you require a slogan).
If you’d rather us not create all of your content, we offer No-Code Needed Website Builders, No-Code Needed Website Application Installers Making it so easy for you to build and design it your way.
We are fluent in SEO of website, and can offer Confidential Non-Disclosure Agreement (If Required).
We will handle the paper or online applications for your new Business bank accounts, (more than one if requested) business credit cards, Business Loans / Investment Capital, Fleet Gas Credit Cards, ( your choice of multiple gas station providers). {All credit cards, fleet cards, any loans or capital investments from non-owner associated sources, are considered non-mandatory “extra” options and are not required for completion of legal business. We {RansomServices INC} do not / can not / will not guarantee your acceptance into any credit program or investment capital organization. Regardless of acceptance or denial these extra services each add to your overall service price tag at a set amount per extra requested.
Prior to submission of your requested extra applications, we will attempt to verify with you the information is correct. Failure to verify information will result in cancellation of applications. In general all applications will contain the Owner / Operator / or entity with majority control’s personal information inputted.
We offer a service option that delays filling your requested extra options [which you will be charged $15 extra for every 30 days] for a period of not more than 90 days to allow the IRS efficient time to issue an EIN.
We then apply for your extra programs with your new business EIN and information.}(This is not available for “sole proprietorships” as your personal SSN or taxpayer identification number will be sufficient.)
Our documents will require signatures and dates by the “sole proprietor” or “share holders” or “executive committee members” depending on selected business model.
We do not require you to have them notarized [but we do support and encourage that decision]. We employ an in-house attorney that works alongside us as we publish your specific business documents, it is always a good idea but not a legal requirement, (we strongly encourage it) for you, prior to signing, have your own attorney go over your new business documents with you so you fully understand and agree with what you are signing.

We offer flexible payment options for this service; Depending on degree of our services rendered, you or your company / share holders, will pay a one time “Business Consultation and Creation” Fee, either at the start (once you’ve signed your first document) of our service or once you’ve signed the last document (at the end).
We offer a one time extension on your bill, if you choose, to extend your payment due date lasting no more than 90 days after you have signed our last business document.
This is a courtesy and free of charge, but you must express your will to use this courtesy at least 5 days prior to your bills due date.
This courtesy is in place because you just started your dream business, you are a real and accredited small business owner, or maybe the proud CEO of a brand new Corporation complete with its own sell-able shares!(Enabling Your corporation to have the ability to be publicly traded and sell a portion of stock in the company in the form of shares requires extra documentation and should be requested when the certification of incorporation is signed.)
We believe you shouldn’t have to be worried about breaking your new business bank account the first three months in!
Founded in 2016 by Eric Ransom, Ransom Web Design, Owned and operated by RansomServices INC, has come a long way from its beginnings in Tecumseh Oklahoma. When Eric Ransom first started out, his passion for helping people drove him to search for a better website hosting platform with multiple use full integrations. Basically we wanted to be able to provide honest website hosting and development.

Our Team consists of Four brightly inspired and motivated individuals:
Eric Ransom – owner of RansomServices INC, Operations manager of RansomWebDesign and Ransom-Domains, head of day to day server maintenance and back up customer service, Lead business Creation specialist.
Jamie Haggard –Lead marketing and sales representative. In charge of overseas clients.
Brandon Mendoza – day to day sales coordinator, currently on ground assignment in San Antonio, TX
Timothy Jones – In house attorney, notary, and public relations director / public promotions director.
Jamie, Brandon and I, have known each other since high school. Brandon has always been my best friend. Its been a lot of learning for all of us. The three of us met Timothy when he applied for a position with our company. He is a solid team member, and when ever he needs it, he will get a glowing recommendation from my business.

We’ve just kept growing over the years and have now implemented completely user friendly and custom website design and development. We now serve customers all over and are thrilled to be a part of the industry that puts our products in your hands. We stay on the forefront of website development so that you don’t have to. We do not believe in a set it and forget it system, our members are our top priority.
We currently are proud to offer the following integration services for your website these options are implemented through our No-Code needed website builder and application installer:

One of the most popular and used CMS platforms in the world with huge number of plugins and themes. It’s considered to be the best choice for new users.
Version: 5.1.1

Joomla is more complex than WordPress but offers more functionality for people who know what to do and what they want for their projects.
Version: 3.9.4

Flexible, powerful and highly customizable CMS. A lot of website developers prefer it over the other popular software programs for websites.
Version: 8.6.10

Modern open source flat-file CMS with fast performance and user-friendly back-end interface. It’s one of the best and amazing new free software programs.
Version: 1.5.8

It can be used to create and manage websites for small or fast-growing companies and corporations because of the high flexibility that this CMS has.
Version: 8.7.24

CRM software with enormous functions, modules, and flexibility which allows you to track the sales and custom services of your store.
Version: 6.3.0

Implemented with fantastic modules and always improving core, it’s based on the last open sour of SugarCRM and it is absolute masterpiece.
Version: 7.10.14

Comprehensive admin panel which allows you to edit your pages with a few clicks and create phenomenal websites in no time.
Version: 8.4.5

Building Engine
Next generation of Website Builders & CMS Platforms. You can develop complex, flexible, and amazing websites within minutes.
Version: 1.0.7

Simplicity, functionality, and speed are some of the advantages of this system. It is highly recommended for new users.

osCommerce is a popular platform for e-commerce websites. It has lot of free features and opportunities to help you create the best shopping portal.

Zen Cart
Secured and scalable platform with an easy to update option. Perfect for those that are familiar with PHP and want to expand their brand.
Version: 1.5.6a

One of the most popular software programs for online stores in the world. Offers user-friendly interface and customization.

The King of the forum software. One of the oldest and coolest platforms to create a communication with your pals and discuss epic themes.
Version: 3.2.5

Simple Machines
Free, elegant, effective and powerfull open source software designed to create forums for people who share common interests. Full of interesting and unique features.
Version: 2.0.15

Powerful open-source social networking engine and robust framework to build all kinds of social environments.
Version: 2.3.9

An open-source software designed for educators to create online courses based on sound pedagogical principles.
Version: 3.6.3

Focused on creating galleries, amazing for photographers to upload masterpieces and share them with the world.
Version: 1.4.14

Open-source package written in PHP and designed for Wikipedia. If you want to create your own – this is the software.
Version: 1.31.1

We also offer multiple packages for shared-hosting and semi-dedicated hosting. As well as basic to enterprise to custom VPS packages w/ the added ability to completely control your cPanel and choose from multiple operating systems for your VPS.

We hope you enjoy our products / services as much as we enjoy building them with you. If you have any questions or comments, or would like to schedule your free quote please don’t hesitate to contact us – or call anytime day or night toll free at (405)220-2027
Either one of staff or a chatbot is available 24/7-365. “Life doesn’t wait why should you?”

RansomWebDesign – Ransom-Domains – All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2019 RansomServices INC a Delaware Corporation – 2035 Sunset Lake Road, Suite B-2, Newark, DE, 19702, USA

How to track a mobile phone in the USA?

Tracking a mobile phone may refer to different things depending on the purpose for which a mobile number is being tracked. For instance, police or other officials may want to track a mobile device in order to find the location of its owner or present holder. On the other hand, individuals in the USA may want to use a mobile tracking service to locate their lost or stolen mobile devices. Sometimes, you may need to track a number in case you are receiving prank calls or harassment calls.

Depending on the purpose, there are multiple ways to track a mobile number/phone, which we will discuss here.

Thanks to technology, the world now has become a more open and transparent place. Nothing is actually hidden from the eyes of the technology. So, whether you’ve lost your phone and want to track it or simply wants to track the location of a spam phone number, it is actually possible, if only you know the right way.

So, let’s begin. We will take different cases, one by one, here.

What to do when your mobile phone is stolen

Depending on whether your phone is stolen or lost, you’ve to take the right and necessary steps at the right time. If your phone has been stolen (and you’re sure you haven’t just misplaced it), you’ve to report it immediately to your local police station. As for tracking the phone, there are the following ways to do that.

Before we go ahead, you should know that tracking a mobile number is not exactly the same thing as tracking a mobile phone. Phone numbers are linked to the SIM, so when you’re tracking a cell number, you’re actually tracking the SIM card using a unique code linked with the chip. This is why removing and breaking the SIM card is usually the first thing a thief does after stealing a mobile device. But do not worry. There are ways to track a mobile phone even without the SIM card.

First thing first, try calling your number (which is stolen). If the phone is actually stolen, there’s a good chance that the SIM card has already been removed and your call will not be answered. But you should try nevertheless.

Second, report it to your carrier or service provider so that they can take the required steps to try and find your phone or block the services in case if the phone is not found. This is important in order to ensure that your phone number is not used for any illegal activities such as making spam calls or messages.

The third step is to try to track your phone. Depending on whether it was an Android phone or an iPhone which has been stolen, you can use services like Find My iPhone (for iOS devices) or Android Device Manager (for Android phones) to track the phone’s whereabouts. For any of the two services to work, you must have set this up on the device which you’re trying to track. These services can help you find an approximate location of your phone.

For iPhones (and other iOS devices), visit your iCloud account and click on Find My Phone option in order to see its current location.

Android Device Manager works in the same manner. You can visit the page and automatically see the last seen location/time of your stolen device. It uses features like GPS, device location history, etc., to track the phone. Moreover, you can also use this service to ring your phone loudly, lock the device or even erase the device content remotely to secure your accounts and phone data.
What to do when your mobile phone is lost

If you’ve lost your phone or misplaced it, the best way to find it is by giving yourself a call. If the phone is in the reach of your ears, there is a good chance that you’ll find it nearby. However, if you have left it someplace else, you can only hope that it gets in the hands of an honest person who will pick up the call and return your device. If not, locking it remotely is your best option for the time being.

If your phone is lost, there is not much police can or will do about it. However, you should still try and file a police report, especially if your phone has an insurance cover. You can now try to find it on your own. You can use the above mentioned services (Android/iOS) to try and locate your phone. Alternatively, you can use third-party services and apps such as TechWelkin mobile tracker, mSpy, MobileSpy, TrapCall, etc.
What to do when a mobile number is harassing you

If someone is harassing you on the phone, the first thing you should do is report it immediately to the police. They will help you by trying to locate the caller. Fortunately, they have better tools and ways to track a mobile number, so you can be hopeful that the harassment calls will stop soon.

Another thing you should do is block the spam calls and numbers from your phone as well as report them to the respective organizations so that they can take appropriate actions accordingly.

Another step that I found greatly helpful in such cases is leaking the suspected numbers on social media or among your friends so that the identity of the caller is eventually revealed or at least they stop harassing you.
USA Mobile codes

Knowing the mobile codes of the different states/cities in the USA is another great way to narrow down the location or identity of an unknown caller. You can always take the help of Google or a third-party tool to identify the state code of an unknown number. Here’s a brief list of the popular USA mobile codes:
State Codes
Alabama (1)205/251/256/334
California (1)209/213/310/323/408/415/424/510

Big states like California, New York, Florida, and Texas have multiple mobile codes, so it may not be feasible to remember them all. But do not worry, there are apps for that. You should just have an idea of how it works, and I am sure you have it by now. So, the next time your phone is stolen or lost, instead of panicking, follow the steps mentioned in this blog to try and find it.

What is Escrow?

What is Escrow? How Does Escrow Work?

What is Escrow?

An escrow is a financial arrangement where a third party holds and regulates payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction. It helps make transactions more secure by keeping the payment in a secure escrow account which is only released when all of the terms of an agreement are met as overseen by the escrow company.

Escrows are very useful in the case of a transaction where a large amount money is involved and a certain number of obligations need to be fulfilled before a payment is released like in the case of a website being built where the buyer might want confirmation of the quality of work being done before making a full payment, and the seller doesn’t want to extend a massive amount of work without any assurance that he or she will receive payment. While traditional escrow service is quite difficult and must be obtained through banks and lawyers, provides online escrow services at affordable rates. While the payment is ‘In Escrow’ the transaction can be safely carried out without risk of losing money or merchandise due to fraud. This eliminates all legal jargon and allows for secure transactions and confident buyers and sellers.

How does Escrow Work? reduces the risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third-party that collects, holds and only disburses funds when both Buyers and Sellers are satisfied.

Buyer and Seller agree to terms – Either the Buyer or Seller begins a transaction. After registering at, all parties agree to the terms of the transaction.
Buyer pays – The Buyer submits a payment by approved payment method to our secure Escrow Account, verifies the payment, the Seller is notified that funds have been secured ‘In Escrow’.
Seller ships merchandise to Buyer – Upon payment verification, the Seller is authorised to send the merchandise and submit tracking information. verifies that the Buyer receives the merchandise.
Buyer accepts merchandise – The Buyer has a set number of days to inspect the merchandise and the option to accept or reject it. The Buyer accepts the merchandise pays the Seller – releases funds to the Seller from the Escrow Account.
Transaction is complete – safely and securely!

Knowing at every step

Every time you log into, our status updates will let you know exactly where you are in the transaction process and if there is action required by you.

Having access to this step-by-step timeline means, whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you’ll never get stuck wondering what to do next or where you are in the transaction.
Escrow Accounts

When you make a transaction using, your funds are held in secured, non interest bearing trust Escrow Accounts until the transaction is completed. This ensures that your transaction is protected against chargebacks, fraud or wrongly described goods. Learn more about Escrow Accounts.
Personal service behind every transaction

Our licensed and regulated services are also backed by our experienced and knowledgeable escrow officers. Our friendly escrow professionals are available to assist you personally with any need that may arise.

At, we offer live phone support Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm Pacific. In addition, we offer email support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Why Should We Pay Online?

With dozens of other payment options available such as checks, drafts, money orders, and electronic bank transfers, one may wonder why so many people use this new method of payment. Indeed, the older payment methods are tried, tested, and a lot more comfortable for some people. However, online payment offers exclusive advantages that other payment options don’t.

When paying online, you can easily use your credit card to process a transaction much faster than the check-and-stamp method. Automated payments also mean that there are no delays or late penalties. Contrary to popular belief, it is much safer to conduct your transaction online as everything is documented, and there are no sensitive details on paper. Online payment eliminates clutter by, in some cases, eliminating the need for paper bills that require filing. It makes organizing and keeping track of payments easier and more convenient. Finally, if using online payments, many banks will provide graphs and information that help you track your spending and keep your budget on task.

There are many types of transactions that can be made online, everything from paying your phone bill to purchasing small gifts for family members. For larger transactions, though, you may want to seek the services of an escrow company. By putting your money into an escrow account, you can protect yourself from fraud.
Payment Options offers many types of payment options including wire transfers, checks and money orders, credit cards and PayPal. Payment types may have certain limitations, however. For example credit cards and PayPal are subject to additional fees and have a maximum of $5,000 while checks and money orders have a $2,000 maximum and are subject to a ten business day hold.
Advantages of Using

As one of the leading providers of escrow services online, provides a host of advantages for people who choose to transact with it. Whether it is digital goods, vehicles, antiques, jewelry, art work, or domain names and websites, ensures that all buyers and sellers are protected equally and their disputes dealt with the utmost concern. verifies the funds sent by the buyer and keeps them in our secure trust escrow account for the seller. The seller ships the merchandise only after the buyer has made complete payment to tracks your merchandise to make sure that it is delivered in time according to the conditions mentioned in the agreement. The seller is not paid until the buyer accepts the merchandise and has the chance to fully inspect it. After the buyer inspects and accepts the merchandise, the funds will be moved from our escrow account to the seller’s account.

There is no scope for uncertainty or worries as the entire transaction is conducted under the supervision of’s honest and diligent professionals. With’s reliable brand shielding your transaction, you can rest assured that your funds are in safe hands, free from fraud. The sale is highly simplified as you, the buyer, just pay off your price and let handle everything else, be it shipping, delivery or quality inspection.’s sliding revenue scale ensures that large transactions don’t mean huge chargebacks and fees.

Using a licensed escrow service to buy and sell merchandise, services and more is the most convenient way to complete transactions online. Facilitated by a trusted third-party, the escrow process acts as your personal tool to ensure a safe, secure and intuitive sale for both buyers and sellers.

You already own a domain name?
Are you happy with your current domain registrar? Did they lure you in with low prices for the first year but charge you more later? Turn that around! It’s very easy to transfer your domain with us and take advantage of lower renewal prices, easier domain management and better customer service.

Why Do I Need a Domain?

Reasons to buy a domain name:
You can own and use your personal domain address
Your can utilize email addresses e.g.
Helps your brand recognition
Increases the level of confidence on you and your company
Early registration avoids somebody else to take the domain you want
Domains containing keywords you compete on search engines are ranked higher

Protect your personal data!
If you prefer to hide the details used for your domain registration, there is a way with Domain WHOIS protection.

Try the .com first
Most people go for a .com domain because it’s the most common and easiest to remember. However, the problem is that most of the good .com domains are already taken. In that case it’s best to check if the domain you want is available with another extension, like .net or .org. This way you will get to keep the idea you have for your website.

Why SSL Certificate Is Needed?
Buyers and online service users are getting more and more cautious when they browse, do their shopping online or just use the online services. When it comes to submitting private details online, most of the people are looking for the padlock icon on the bottom of their browser. Even more, they look for the ‘https://’ prefix in their browser’s address bar before sharing any personal information. If your website doesn’t support encrypted connection and doesn’t have valid SSL Certificate, your visitors may leave it without making any purchases or free of charge signups. They simply won’t feel assured to submit their credit cards or other personal details over websites that seem to be not well secured. You can change that! Return your customers’ trust and increase your online users by purchasing a SSL Certificate.

With a shared hosting platform, several clients and their websites are hosted on the same server. Therefore, they are all sharing the same resources. Every client has its own number of features at a certain capacity such as disk space, traffic, bandwidth, and email accounts available. However, the power of the server and its resources, such as RAM and CPU, are shared among all clients. Shared hosting is considered one of the most affordable and eco-friendly options in running a website. As opposed to each website dedicated to one server, they share the resources with other websites. Many websites do not need the capabilities of just one server, but rather a fraction of it. Also, by choosing shared hosting, the cost of building and maintaining the server, such as electricity and raw materials, are shared with other clients with websites.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This unique and powerful technology by its nature is partitioning a physical server into multiple Virtual Servers having the appearance and capacity of a real dedicated server. This is possible thanks to XEN and its XEN Hypervisor technology – a software layer that stands between the server’s hardware and the OS. Each Virtual Server can run under its own operating system (Windows, Linux, BSD, CentOS or Solaris), have custom configurations like Firewall, kernel etc of its own. We offer our VPS’s with pre-defined Debian OS which we recommend to be used with our Easy VPS Control Panel (the shared hosting like Panel).

Learn about us
Ransom-Domains. is an advanced hosting company that offers web hosting services to both beginners and professionals.
Our goal is for all customers to feel our care and Ransom-Domains. devotion.

Amazingly Fast Support
The support staff is always ready to answer and will have a solution to your problem not later than 1 hour.

Money-Back Guarantee
Our service is completely risk-free, with our 30 days unquestionable money-back guarantee.
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
By working round-the-clock we put the efforts of an entire technical team to keep our network running.

Cloud Services
Choose one of our paid categories based on your website needs and get started
You can upgrade anytime or request a quote for custom resources.

5 of the Best Free Digital Marketing Courses

5 of the Best Free Digital Marketing Courses

A list of the best free digital marketing courses is important not only for those that wish to establish their own online business but to those who are willing to enhance their career. Some of the listed courses(most of them) will offer you a certificate, once you’ve finished them and passed the exam that accompanies them. Check the list out. Invest your time in improving yourself. The right time to do so is now.
To start an online business is just one part of having one. Honestly, this is the easier part. What you need to take into account after you’ve created your website, is marketing. Marketing is crucial, it is vital to your business’ success.
The difference between well planned and executed marketing strategy, and a strategy that was not either thought through nor carefully executed, is the difference between success and failure.
The list of the best free digital marketing course is, of course, subjective. Yet, I’ve done my best to feature only courses that will really help you to better understand the digital marketing world.
If you’ve just started your Reseller Hosting journey, and are not sure how and from where to start your digital presence, check out this list. The courses in it will surely make you a better digital marketer.
Speaking of improvement, here is a list of 5 Books to Read for Success. You may want to check it out.
The courses are listed in no specific order. It is up to you to determine which of these courses gave you the highest value.
Without further ado, this is the list of the 5 of the best free digital marketing courses.

Google Ad Academy
You may still be wondering whether starting a home business is possible, or you already have one.
The Google Ad Academy is a place that you’ll want to visit and to explore. Here are the Certification courses for Google AdWords and Google Analytics.
Once, you’ve gathered the knowledge that Google offers for free, you’ll be able to better understand the structure of the Ad Campaigns and how to properly use Google Ads, and Google Analytics.
I highly recommend you to check out the rest of the free digital marketing courses, that you will be able to find in the Google Ad Academy’s website.

Google Digital Garage
Maybe you want to enhance your career, or just to figure out how the web is working. If you are at the beginning of your career Google’s Digital Garage is one of the best free digital marketing course. Probably the best.
It will slide you on every aspect of the digital marketing. SEO, SEM, Advertising, conversions, content marketing, social media and much more.
I have to stress again that it is only glancing over the topic, and very few, if any of the topics are covered in some depth. Still, it is a great course for beginner digital marketer.
Therefore, if you are confident in your knowledge, you may want to pass on this one.
Start Hosting Company for FREE

Reseller Hosting

Hubspot Academy
Hubspot has a list of free certification courses on digital marketing. Their academy covers courses from email marketing to social media and between.
All the courses in the HubSpot Academy are free, and most of them will provide you with a certificate once you’ve completed them.
Note! As HubSpot have pointed out that only HubSpot Marketing Software certified customers of HubSpot Pro or HubSpot Enterprise can take the exam and practicum.
Meaning, you can complete the course for free, but in order to get certified, you’ll have to enroll to some of their services.

SEMrush Academy
Although we’ve published an Introduction to SEO, and a little list of advice on DIY SEO for small business, if you are about to implement SEO as marketing technique of your business, I highly recommend you to enroll to the SEMrush Academy.
SEMrush is one of the biggest Keyword Research tools out there. And they surely know a thing or two about SEO.
Yet, the SEMrush Academy is covering not only SEO, but SEM, and Social Media as well. There are soon to be launched a course on Content Marketing.
And the best part?
All of these courses are free.

Udemy is, of course, a well-known source of courses in a vast number of fields and industries. The content that the site offers is following the trends of the market. Therefore, the more or less, new professions like web developer, server administrator, and digital marketer are well covered by the courses of Udemy.
The courses on the site are created by individuals. That is one of the reasons that you may want to be careful and read the reviews of the courses that you are buying. And if you want to really learn something useful for free, read the reviews even to the courses that you enroll to for free. That way you at least won’t waste your time over a course, that is misleading or straightforward incorrect.
Even if you have to be cautious about the exact course that you are taking, Udemy is a great place to get started your journey to get to know the industry. Mainly because of the best free digital marketing courses, are presented on the site.

Final Thoughts
Enrolling at least one of these courses is a must for everyone who has any web presence. It doesn’t matter whether you are a business owner or just an artist, wishing to spread the word about his art.
If you’ve reached this part of the article, you surely understand the necessity of knowledge in the field of digital marketing in your life.
Check out again each of the courses listed in here as one of the best free digital marketing courses and choose from where to start.
If you are absolutely new to the digital marketing world, I would highly recommend you to start with the Digital Garage of Google.
Yet, whichever of the courses you choose, you’ll be glad that you’ve invested the time and energy needed to complete the course.
Go for it!

Software Development Outsourcing vs Insourcing – How to Decide?

Software Development Outsourcing vs Insourcing – How to Decide?

Most entrepreneurs and CEOs go through this challenge. They understand that they need to create a new app or product but aren’t sure how to go about it. Should they hire their own development team or should they outsource? Both options have some advantages and some drawbacks. The best answer will be one that is tailored to your unique needs and resources. Software development is like an iceberg. Above the waterline is the coder sitting at a screen and coding away. Most people see only that. Design, specifications, management, testing, and a million other jobs are things that many people don’t see or understand. Those elements are the fine line between success or failure of a project.

Pros and Cons
Software Development Outsourcing
Before we get into the needs of your business, let’s talk about some differences between working in-house and outsourcing. There are big benefits of having an in-house team. For one thing, they will have immediate access to you and other aspects of your business. This makes them better for working on tasks that are very specific to your business. They are also there if you will need them for other tasks, nor just what you’re working on now. There are also downsides to hiring an in-house team. For one thing, they may be more expensive or require benefits that outsourced teams don’t. An in-house team will also require you to provide physical infrastructure like space and hardware. These aspects aren’t a concern with outsourced teams. Further, it’s more of a hassle to hire and fire in-house teams. If you don’t always have work for them, you might be paying them more than they’re worth to you. There are also key benefits to working with outsourced teams They are easier to work with on a temporary or recurring basis. They don’t require for you to provide space or hardware. However, those who pay more for power or for expensive prescription services may pass those expenses on to you. They also may come cheaper and won’t ask for benefits. Naturally, there are downsides to working with outsourced teams. It can be harder for everyone to stay on the same page when the development team isn’t on site. This can slow them down. It also means that if something goes wrong, it might take you longer to find out. Pay can also be more complicated with outsourced teams because they are paid differently than your other employees.

Core Competency
If the product is related to your core competency, do it in-house. If you are doing it in-house, you need more than developers. You cannot expect to hire couple of developers and be surprised why they cannot create what you need. You need people who can do product management, software architecture, UI/UX, development, testing and project management. Some of these roles might merge. Still, you might need a small team be efficient. Your business has a specialty; that’s why you exist. That specialty isn’t coding; that’s why you need a coder. Similarly, a coder’s specialty is just that: coding. They aren’t likely to also be subject matter experts in whatever core service your company provides. As a result, they will need a lot of guidance. A lot of these complications may go away depending on your needs. If your idea is complex and sophisticated like an event management or online banking site, you need a dedicated team. If your idea is simple, like a blog or newsletter, you might not need an in-house team. Chances are, no one factor discussed here will be enough to make your decision, and that includes this one. It is easiest for coders to create your product if they have constant access to you and your team. However, if other needs outweigh this one, it is possible to have sufficient communication with outsourced coders.

Outsource Your Weakness
If no one in your management team has strong tech skills, it will be hard to do the development in-house. Even if you hire a few developers, they will need direction to give you the product that you want. If you’re not entirely sure what that is, you might not just need a developer.
Because freelance coders and tech companies work with different people and businesses, they might know your needs better than you.
Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you need to have a coder on the team to hire a coder. All it means is that someone on your team should know how they want your project to look and work.

Availability of Resources
One big factor in whether you should do development in-house or out-of-house is the talent that you can attract. Suppose that you are startup looking to build initial product or MVP if you can hire your own development team, more power to you. In many cases, it would be hard to attract talented developers in the current stage. There are two big reasons for this. One is that talented developers looking for secure jobs may not want to work with a startup. The other is that few startups have the money to pay or give benefits to a team of in-house developers. It is common for startups to start development with an outsourced and hire an in-house team later on or gradually.
Availability can also be a problem if your business is located away from large cities. You might have a website or app idea for your business as the largest potato farm in central Idaho. That doesn’t mean that you will be able to find good developers close enough to work directly for you. In situations like this, having an outsourced team might be the only option regardless of other factors. If you find yourself in a rural area, be sure not to underestimate the value of universities. These often allow for pockets of tech industry in otherwise rural regions. It is best to look around the university rather than in it. Student labor may be cheap and eager, but it is short term and not always the best. Rather than looking for talent from universities, look for talent around universities from institutions like business incubators. Resources aren’t just talent and money. If you work with an in-house team, you will also be expected to provide hardware and software. You will also be expected to provide workspace. Of course, outsourced teams charge you for many of these things as well, but it’s all one rate. When working with an in-house team, you will need to add these expenses onto their pay and possibly benefits.

Cost Benefits
Availability of resources is important but so is maximizing resources. Sometimes the cost of hiring in-house versus outsourcing is drastically different. For this reason, it is worthwhile to look into your options. Determine what the budget would be like to hire an in-house team. Compare that to quotes from contractors for the same work. Your decision may be made for you if your funds are limited or you underestimated costs. If you have the money to afford either option, now you have a choice to make.
It may be tempting to go with the cheapest option, and it may be worth it despite other indicators. For example, it is possible to work with an outsourced team for a long-term project. Taking time to work with a less-experienced in-house developer might be more cost effective than working with a development team. Besides, some people who are willing to work for less are new to the trade, not bad at it. There’s something to be said for hiring top-notch developers. There’s also something to be said for not blowing all of your cash if you don’t have to.

Size of the Project
If your project is short term, it might be ineffective to hire internally. Suppose that you want a basic website. It won’t have a blog or any fancy interaction – just a way for people to find you online. Any decent coder should be able to put something like that together pretty quickly. Now, think of all of the hassle that comes with hiring a new employee. You need to be sure that that hassle will by justified by the length of the project. This is where outsourcing shines. Find some freelance coder, develop a relationship for a month, they give you a website, you pay them, that’s it. If you ever need the website updated, find them again or find another freelancer. Alternatively, suppose that you have a long project, like an ambitious app or a website that will demand continual upkeep. Now, think of all of the hassle that comes with outsourcing. You might not want to put up with that for the whole length of the project. That’s where an in-house coder or team comes in. Post a job, read some résumés, hold some interviews, and make a hire that might work with you for years. If you come up with more ideas or want more services, you don’t have to start the whole process again.

Clearly, the question of outsourcing versus hiring is not always a simple one. It might come down to cost. It might be more impacted by less obvious factors like location or status. No matter what you think going in, think long and hard about which option is right for you.

Why you should start your website now!


It’s not that you can’t or shouldn’t start online projects if you are not in your early twenties. Just the opposite. The point is if you are, you probably have a lot of resources, which you’ll miss, once you grow a bit older.
The life of an adult is as much hard as it is pleasant. The higher level of independence comes with a price. Namely, responsibility.
Once you are an adult, you are responsible for yourself. At certain times for your parents, friends, significant other, and in some cases – for your children. That is a lot to take care of. As you probably understand(or know), once you have so many responsibilities, it becomes harder to find the time, energy, and even money to start an online project. Of course, it is fair to note that most of the millionaires are crossing the million dollar border, long after their twenties. But, as far, as I am concerned, I would say that they are becoming millionaires, not cause of a one-time effort. Most likely, the people that are wealthier, have been through a lot of trial and error.
And “suddenly”, there is the breakthrough, the first million, and afterward – the second.
I am not trying to implement that starting your first website now will guarantee you the millionaire status after some time. But let’s be honest, trying to do it will lead you at least one step ahead of those who are not, right?
So here are the top reasons, to start your first website in your twenties.

The technological progress is here to stay
Honestly, this is just something I believe in. According to the economic theories, everything comes to a peak. After the peak, there is a slope(or recession). This is called economic cycle – growth, peak, recession, trough, and growth again. And while these theories are making sense(after all everything in life is a cycle in a way), the growth of the information era(therefore, the technology industry) is something that is hard to come to a recession. Not because it is some kind of a special industry, but because there are way too much people on the earth, and every one of us is thirsty for knowledge. Not to mention the fact, there are way too many people without internet access, which is one huge market to look forward to.
And if the technological progress is here to stay, you probably should think about going online, a.s.a.p.

You learn faster
While in your twenties, especially in your early and mid-twenties, you’ll learn faster than ever. It is true that once you become older if the seed of knowledge is sown, you’ll understand faster and better, but while in your twenties, your capacity of learning is wider and bigger. Probably you are still getting to know the world, which in the best case means you don’t have any stereotypes. The lack of stereotypes makes it easier to learn new and different concepts and opinions.
The energy, which I’ll also cover in minutes is also a big factor in your learning capacity.
And the learning capacity itself is important because most of us are facing a really steep learning curve when trying to set up our first website.
Take advantage of your learning capacity, while you can.

You have more time to learn
This one is probably self-explanatory. The sooner you start to learn how to set-up a website, the more time you’ll have to do so. Being in your thirties or forties doesn’t mean it is too late (to be honest I think it is almost never too late, especially if you have a good teacher next to you). On the other hand, let’s be honest if you are in your twenties right now you are blessed in a way. The technological progress is at an evergrowing peak, and you are young enough to take advantage of that fact.
And being in your twenties is a big advantage, not only in the strategical sense. Day in and day out, you just have more time. No kids, no spouse means you have more free time.
In essence, you have more time not only to collect the fruits of you present efforts but you have more free time to work, and the more you work, the more fruits you’ll collect.

You have more energy
Probably you won’t believe it but with the time passing by the large amounts of energy you possess right now, will cease to exist. It is ironic that the more responsibilities and hardships the life presents you, the less energy you have to deal with them.
The lack of huge amounts of energy past your twenties will make you mindful of resource spending. Thus, the chances are you’ll invest your resources in something else(like taking care of your family), not in website building.

You are Able to Take Higher Risks
Generally, website creation is not related to any risks. Still, if you are trying to achieve something more than understanding how WordPress works and to make money online, you’ll definitely have to take risks.
More often than not, the higher the risk, the higher the potential prize if you succeed. And again, more often than not, the younger you are, the fewer responsibilities you have. Thus, the higher the risk you can take without affecting someone else.

You Grew up with the Technology
If you are in your twenties, you literally grew up with the rise of the informational era.
Again, it is not that if you are older you shouldn’t take advantage of the technological progress. Just the opposite.
The point is if you are younger, and you grew up together with it, you’ll be able to understand it easier. It’s not like one day your grandchildren, won’t get the upper hand when it comes to technology. That’s the cycle of life. So, use the advantage you have right now.

Technology is a fast-growing industry. This an evergreen truth. And while technology grows but doesn’t get older, I and you will.
Don’t waste your time. Start your first website now!

What Knowledge is Needed to Run a Website Reselling Business?

What Knowledge is Needed to Run a Website Reselling Business?

Many questions often appear when people are interested in starting a website hosting reselling business. As you probably, they wonder if they need special knowledge – technical and personal, if they need to be careful about particular matters to consider when looking for a provider. Furthermore, what exactly will work well for them and how can they succeed in this niche of business.

That’s why I’m going to share with you some of the important points you need to define and make sure you embrace during your process of starting a reselling business for web hosting. There are some things you need to take control over and learn, but there are others that your hosting provider will do for you, but you also need to know about them.


Knowledge You Need

I hope there is no need to say that before you start anything you need to do the right research of the market, the website hosting business in general and of what you can actually achieve. After you do that there has to be separate time for creating clear plans, setting goals and specifying.

You should include topics such as how much you can and should invest in the reselling business; how much time it will take to be ready with everything and then how much time to start earning actual profits.

Furthermore, it would be best for you if you are familiar with the technology itself. What is the website hosting platform, how servers work, specifics about domains selling? This will be useful for you when it comes to advertising your services. If you want to position your reselling business on the Internet and start learning more about digital marketing, you would have to know a little bit more about the specifics of the niche to promote it better.

The truth though is that for most of the work specifics of the control panel and the hosting services, you only need logical thinking. Everything in the Reseller Cluster’s panel, for example, is as easy as installing an app.

As known, the reseller website hosting business is most popular around web developers, website designers, web or system-integration companies. Why? Because they have a lot of customers already and they can offer them services providing full packages – such as both website development and web hosting. Users don’t need to know that you are a reseller which is a big advantage.

This being said, you can also include gathering knowledge about some marketing strategies and figuring out ways to promote your services at best.


What Does the Hosting Provider Take Care of?

Maybe you noticed I didn’t mention any too technical terms or information needed. That’s because most of it is covered by the provider. Or at least, our program works this way. But to get into the specifics here is what exactly you don’t need to worry about.

First of all, we offer templates that you can use and slightly change, adding your logo, slogan or some extra information. This means you don’t even need to create a website for your hosting reselling business, everything is ready for you. We constantly work on creating new and improved templates for your preferences, such as the Sky Template we recently launched.

One of the most important advantages is the actual 24/7 support center that works for you! Most providers don’t take care of it, but we know at first you won’t have the resources to take care of employing people. That’s why our support team will take care of that. Not just in the beginning of course, but all the time.

Payment methods and finances are also something you don’t need to think about. The difference between the reselling business and any other is that you won’t have to be worried about how people will check out your products. Your income will simply come as commission.

Another plus for you is that even with free reselling hosting you get our ready-made promotional campaigns. They are easily activated from the Control Panel with a single click. They are prepared for your convenience and push to great marketing solutions.

All this must make it pretty clear for you that there is no need for technical skills or advanced knowledge. Simply, the right choice when looking for a hosting provider.


Skills Needed to Run a Reselling Business

What I lastly want to mention is the fact that it is, after all, running a business. And with every entrepreneurial activity, there are skills to be dealt with.

Starting with communication skills – necessary to advertise, correspond, and reach customers, partners, and others. Also, strategic thinking to help guide you through moments where competition might be ahead of you. Not to forget analytics – being able to understand your audience and follow their preferences and orientation in your website, services and etc.

Time managing know-how would be an addition to everything else you are mastering. This kind of enterprise is mostly to work from home or outside but not in an office, so don’t forget to include planning your time.