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Welcome to Ransom Web Design your number one source for professionally built websites. We do a lot more than just website development though, we also supply website builder software and website application software. Provided through our parent company Ransom-domains.

If all you have is a name and no coding experience that’s completely okay, we can be as extensive or as minimal as you want from complete design of website, branding and favicon to name to storage solutions all the way to VPS services, if you can dream it, we offer a solution.

If we cannot supply you with exactly what you want/need I, Eric Ransom will personally hand your assignment portfolio over to our parent company Ransom-domains*. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best, with a focus on dependability, customer service and timely activation.

Founded in 2017 by Eric Ransom, Ransom Web Design*, has come a long way from its beginnings in Tecumseh Oklahoma. When Eric Ransom first started out, his passion for helping people drove him to search for a better website hosting platform with multiple use full integrations. Basically we wanted to be able to provide honest website hosting and development. Our Team consists of three brightly inspired and motivated individuals:

1. Eric Ransom – owner and operations manager. day to day maintenance and customer service.

2. Jamie Haggard – marketing and sales representative. In charge of overseas clients.

3. Brandon Mendoza – day to day sales coordinator, currently on ground work assignment in San Antonio, TX

All three of us have known each other since high school. Brandon has always been my best friend. It took quite a while though to convince him to join me in this endeavor. Its been a lot of learning for all of us. But just like I told him, “we will make this happen man, trust me the internet is not going away.” To be perfectly honest, i’m not 100 % sure we knew we would go on to create and operate two connected businesses.
I honestly think I can remember a time when Jamie thought I was annoying, And yet here we are Jamie and I are married with children and I get to run my businesses with my two best friends.

We’ve just kept growing over the years and have now implemented completely personal and custom website design and development. We now serve customers all over and are thrilled to be a part of the industry that puts our products in your hands. We stay on the forefront of website development so that you don’t have to. We do not believe in a set it and forget it system, our members are our top priority.
We currently can offer the following integration services for your website should you choose to host with us:

One of the most popular and used CMS platforms in the world with huge number of plugins and themes. It’s considered to be the best choice for new users.
Version: 5.1.1

Joomla is more complex than WordPress but offers more functionality for people who know what to do and what they want for their projects.
Version: 3.9.4

Flexible, powerful and highly customizable CMS. A lot of website developers prefer it over the other popular software programs for websites.
Version: 8.6.10

Modern open source flat-file CMS with fast performance and user-friendly back-end interface. It’s one of the best and amazing new free software programs.
Version: 1.5.8

It can be used to create and manage websites for small or fast-growing companies and corporations because of the high flexibility that this CMS has.
Version: 8.7.24

CRM software with enormous functions, modules, and flexibility which allows you to track the sales and custom services of your store.
Version: 6.3.0

Implemented with fantastic modules and always improving core, it’s based on the last open sour of SugarCRM and it is absolute masterpiece.
Version: 7.10.14

Comprehensive admin panel which allows you to edit your pages with a few clicks and create phenomenal websites in no time.
Version: 8.4.5

Building Engine
Next generation of Website Builders & CMS Platforms. You can develop complex, flexible, and amazing websites within minutes.
Version: 1.0.7

Simplicity, functionality, and speed are some of the advantages of this system. It is highly recommended for new users.

osCommerce is a popular platform for e-commerce websites. It has lot of free features and opportunities to help you create the best shopping portal.

Zen Cart
Secured and scalable platform with an easy to update option. Perfect for those that are familiar with PHP and want to expand their brand.
Version: 1.5.6a

One of the most popular software programs for online stores in the world. Offers user-friendly interface and customization.

The King of the forum software. One of the oldest and coolest platforms to create a communication with your pals and discuss epic themes.
Version: 3.2.5

Simple Machines
Free, elegant, effective and powerfull open source software designed to create forums for people who share common interests. Full of interesting and unique features.
Version: 2.0.15

Powerful open-source social networking engine and robust framework to build all kinds of social environments.
Version: 2.3.9

An open-source software designed for educators to create online courses based on sound pedagogical principles.
Version: 3.6.3

Focused on creating galleries, amazing for photographers to upload masterpieces and share them with the world.
Version: 1.4.14

Open-source package written in PHP and designed for Wikipedia. If you want to create your own – this is the software.
Version: 1.31.1

We also offer multiple packages for shared-hosting and semi-dedicated hosting. As well as basic to enterprise to custom VPS packages w/ the added ability to completely control your cPanel and choose from multiple operating systems for your VPS.

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or call anytime day or night toll free at (405)266-1907
We Are Here 24/7

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Eric Ransom CEO, Ransom Web Design, Ransom-domains.com, Ship-Zen

*1. Ransom-domains is a registered trademark and copyright brand – copyright @2019 by Eric Ransom owned and operated by ship-zen*.

*2. Ransom Web Design is a registered trademark and copyright brand – copyright @2019 by Eric Ransom owned and operated by ship-zen.

*3. Ship-zen is a sole ownership single proprietary company – copyright @2019 Eric Ransom.